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Responsible gaming

We want players to enjoy themselves but to play responsibly too. Gaming should be an enjoyable recreational activity. Under no circumstances do we want to encourage compulsive gaming.

Here you will find our helpful tools for responsible gaming, some tips to ensure a consistently positive gaming experience, and whom you can turn to for help if you would like to talk to someone. You can count on our support.

The secret of winning

Ever wondered how it all really works – why sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t?

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How does gaming addiction start?

All the key facts about gaming addiction.

Learn about your gaming behaviour

Take our short self-assessment test for important insights into your gaming behaviour.

Set your gaming limits

We offer a range of helpful tools and services. Make sustainable gaming decisions by setting your personal gaming limits.

Find support

Is gaming becoming an issue for you, or do you know someone who needs support? Find out what you can do.

Voluntary exclusion

Follow these steps to take a voluntary break from gaming.

Involuntary exclusion

Find out more about involuntary exclusion, a measure designed to protect players.

Lifting an exclusion

Find out how to get an exclusion lifted.

Player protection documents

All the key forms and documents relating to player protection.