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The secret of winning

Ever wondered how it all really works – why sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t?

Most casino games are completely random by design. Each move or spin is totally independent of what went before. Nothing you can do will affect your chances of winning.

Random? Totally independent? What does that mean?

Inside every slot machine (or similar game) is a random number generator producing millions of events every second. Each one of those events is independent of the others, and each has the same chance of occurring. What went before or after has no effect on the outcome. It cannot be predicted or influenced. In Switzerland, games are subject to a strict certification process by the authorities that verifies that they cannot be influenced.

If it’s random, why do I never win?

It can sometimes feel that way. Random number generators are the reason why some people win on their first try, while others can spend a long time playing without winning. It’s not personal – it’s all about chance and mathematics.

What is the role of skill in gaming?

For games like sports betting, poker and blackjack, your level of skill can influence the outcome of a game. In these types of games, your playing decisions directly influence the result (which is not the case with slot machines). But no matter how good you are, you can't eliminate the house advantage built into the rules of the game. This house advantage means that even the best players will, in all probability, lose over time.