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Lifting an exclusion

Are you looking to have your voluntary or involuntary exclusion lifted? If so, you can submit a request.

Conditions for lifting an exclusion

Whether you were excluded from the Grand Casino Luzern or from mycasino.ch, we apply the same conditions to lifting both voluntary and involuntary exclusions.

The only difference is that, legally, voluntary exclusion cannot be lifted within the first three months, while you can ask to have your involuntary exclusion lifted as soon as it comes into force.

As per the Swiss Federal Act on Gambling, exclusions apply for an indefinite period of time and can only be lifted following an interview with the customer care officer and an external advisor from a canton-approved counselling office. During this interview, you will need to demonstrate that the reasons for imposing the exclusion are no longer valid. If you are married, your spouse will be included in the process and will also be invited to participate in the interview.

Request to have an exclusion lifted

Applying to have your exclusion lifted is easy:

  • just download the Request to have exclusion lifted form.
  • Make sure you have all the documentation listed on the form.
  • Complete and sign the request form and email it to us, along with the required documentation in PDF format, or post the form and documentation to:

    Grand Casino Luzern
    Customer Care
    Haldenstrasse 6
    6006 Lucerne

Important: We can only process your application once we have all of the required documents in our possession. If the review of your documents has a positive outcome, we or the canton-approved counselling office will contact you to arrange a face-to-face interview.

If the review of your request to have the exclusion lifted has a negative outcome on the basis of the documentation you submitted, we will inform you in writing.

If the documentation has not been submitted in full within three months, we reserve the right not to progress the request to lift the exclusion. This would result in the exclusion remaining in place.