Responsible gaming

We want to make sure that all players enjoy themselves when gambling and that they act responsibly. Gambling should be an enjoyable recreational activity. Under no circumstances do we want to encourage compulsive gambling. Compulsive gambling is not a positive experience and can cause major problems.

Here you will find our resources for responsible gaming, some tips to ensure a consistently positive gambling experience, and who you can turn to for help if you would like to talk to someone. You can count on our support.

What is gambling addiction?

Gambling becomes an addiction when the desire to gamble takes on an obsessive nature and becomes a compulsion that controls everything else. Affected players not only lose a great deal of time and money; their self-confidence and self-esteem suffer as well. Increasingly, they neglect important areas of life, such as family, work, hobbies and social contact. It is a creeping process that often goes unnoticed by the people involved until a very late stage, when it has become an addiction.

The three stages of problematic gambling

Gambling problems normally develop in three phases.

Phase 1: Adventure and winning phase

During this phase, the player often wins significant amounts of money. This experience often leads them to the false conclusion that their gambling success is related to their abilities and not just pure luck. They attribute inevitable losses that occur during this phase to logically explained causes that are beyond their control. At the same time, they show a tendency to gloss over or conceal the reality of the situation. Some red flags, for example, are when the player continues to gamble with large sums of money or even takes out loans to continue gambling. Every loan they take out has a single goal: to enable the player to continue gambling.

Phase 2: Loss phase

During the next phase, the player can play only if they are able to borrow money. At the same time, they conceal these transactions if possible. This phase marks the start of the player’s slow yet steady alienation from their family and friends. Isolation is just around the corner. However, the player still believes that they will soon be able to repay their debts. A typical statement during this phase: ‘As soon as I’ve paid back my debts, I’ll stop gambling.’

Phase 3: The desperation phase

Ultimately, gambling becomes an all-day activity that begins to control the player’s whole life. This has a destructive effect on relationships, work and respect. The line between potentially problematic and compulsive behaviour is blurred. However, each phase does not necessarily lead to the next.

So, always play responsibly

What does 'play responsibly' mean? We believe you will have a more positive gaming experience if you know what type of player you are. This understanding is the key to ensuring that gaming continues to be fun.

Are you at least 18 years old?

mycasino enforces strict age limits. Our games are available only to individuals of at least 18 years of age.

Resources and services

Gambling is thrilling and exciting, but sometimes a person can get swept up in it more than they would like – and ends up taking it too far. This is why we have resources and services that can help you make more responsible gaming decisions.

Perhaps you have already decided how much money you want to spend on gambling. However, during games it can be easy to forget the limit you have set yourself. Our resources and services are available to help you stay in control.

By setting a deposit limit, you can decide how much money you are allowed to deposit in your gambling account over a certain period of time. For example, if you set a weekly limit of CHF 100 and have already deposited CHF 70 during the current week, you can deposit only an additional CHF 30 before the end of the week. You can reduce the limit at any time with immediate effect. If you increase the limit, the change will go into effect only after the selected period has elapsed; i.e. if you have selected a weekly limit, only when the current week is over.

The loss limit gives you the opportunity to determine the maximum amount of money you want to lose within 24 hours. The limit helps you control your gaming behavior and keep your gaming expenses manageable. All amounts that you have won or lost within the period are taken into account. For example, if you have set a loss limit of CHF 500 and have already played for CHF 300 and won CHF 100, your loss at this point will be CHF 200. You then have CHF 300 left until the limit is reached. The limit can be reduced at any time with immediate effect. If the limit is increased, the change will take effect after 24 hours at the earliest.

The loss limit is prescribed by law and must be set by each player.

If you would like to take a break from gambling or want to temporarily stop using a certain game category, you can use the ‘Gambling break’ feature. This feature lets you exclude specific game categories or the entire range of games to prevent your use of them during the period of time set by you.

The maximum gambling break is six months. Please note that a gambling break cannot be modified before the selected break period is over.

You can set up notifications that will remind you how long you have been playing. These can help you to better estimate how much time you have spent gambling, so that you do not fail to meet important commitments.

The gaming history feature shows you how much you have bet and won in the game, and the results from your gambling activities during a selected period of time. For more detailed insights, you can filter by game categories and individual games.

The time recording function shows you how frequently and how much time you have spent gambling during a selected period. This can help you to keep better track of your gambling behaviour and to maintain healthy gambling habits.

Would you like to talk about it?

Studies have shown that each day thousands of people around the world struggle to control their gambling. This is why we decided to take a proactive approach by helping our players identify the signs of problematic gambling habits at an early stage.

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to control your gambling, and has it started to have a negative impact on your life? Contact our customer service. We help you select the right strategy, whether it’s simply talking to someone who can help you set a gambling budget, or (request a voluntary self-imposed suspension link to request form).

Voluntary suspension

Are you gambling more than you can afford? Is it causing difficulties for your family? Has your gambling caused problems for you at work? Or would you simply like to take a break from gambling but don’t know how? We offer advice and support in dealing with the procedure for a Switzerland-wide voluntary gambling suspension (see Art. 80, para 4 Swiss Federal Act on Gambling – GamblA).

You have two options for requesting a voluntary gambling suspension:

Contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you. You can contact us every day from 9.00 a.m. to midnight by calling 0800 002 728. Friday and Saturday we are available until 1.00 p.m. You can email us at [email protected]

You can also download a form from our website to request a voluntary gambling suspension in writing. You must send the completed request form together with a copy of a valid official identity document (passport, ID card, residence permit, Swiss driving license).

Request form for voluntary gambling suspension (PDF, 30 KB)

Information for third parties

Are you worried about another person’s gambling? As a partner, family member or friend, you can – or perhaps even should – do something to help this person.

As a friend or family member, you can notify us about the problematic gambling behaviour of a guest, for example, or about negative effects on the person’s financial situation related to their gambling. We will then discuss the situation with you to find a solution together.

mycasino customer service

Would you like to talk to someone?

Talk to us

Contact our customer service by calling 0800 002 728. You can reach us every day from 9.00 a.m. to midnight. Friday and Saturday we are available until 1.00 a.m.

[email protected]

The person responsible for social protection measures at is Diemo Kästner. He is available at [email protected] and on +41 (0) 41 418 56 56.

Our other services

Our goal is to support you with the resources we have at our disposal. In this regard, we work closely with the Lucerne counselling centre (KLICK – Fachstelle Sucht Region Luzern), which we will recommend as the first point of contact for advice on the matter. The centre provides free, professional help, which can be an important first step. We also have a partnership with the Lucerne centre for debt counselling (Fachstelle für Schuldenfragen Luzern), which can provide the necessary assistance in cases of excessive debt.

Contact details:

  • KLICK – Fachstelle Sucht Region Luzern
    Obergrundstrasse 49
    6003 Lucerne
    Tel. +41 041 249 30 60

  • Fachstelle für Schuldenfragen Luzern
    Weinmarkt 20
    6004 Lucerne
    Tel. +41 041 211 00 18

  • Dargebotene Hand
    Anonymous Swiss support hotline (available 24 hours/365 days a year)
    Hotline: 143
    (CHF 0.20/call from Swiss landline; CHF 0.20 to 0.70/call from mobile network)

What’s the secret of winning?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t? Here are a few facts about gambling.

Why has my luck changed?

Most casino games are based on a principle of complete randomness. Each play and each turn in a game is a completely independent event. There is nothing you can do to improve your chances of winning. If you want, you can carry a good luck charm, but it won’t affect the outcome.

Random? Independent event? What does that mean?

Every slot machine (or similar games) has a built-in random number generator that generates millions of numbers per second. These numbers are completely independent of each other and have the same probability of winning or losing. What happens before or afterwards has no effect on the results.

You said that everything is by chance. Then why don’t I ever win?

Sometimes it feels this way. Random number generators are the reason why some players win the first time they play, while other players play for a long time without winning anything at all. This has nothing to do with the person; it is purely a matter of chance and statistics.

What role does skill play in gambling?

In games such as sports betting, Texas Hold’em poker and Blackjack, it is possible to affect the outcome of the game through your skill, because your decisions during the game have a direct effect on the outcome of these types of games (which is not the case with slot machines). But no matter how good you are, you still cannot beat the ‘built-in’ house advantage. This house advantage means that there is a high probability that even the best players will eventually lose.

Our Grand Casino Luzern

In addition to our online gambling site, we also have live game tables, roulette and slot machines at the Grand Casino Luzern. The Grand Casino Luzern team is also available to help you here. Please talk to the on-site staff. Our expert staff will be happy to provide information about the various offerings and are here to assist you.

Grand Casino Luzern AG
Haldenstrasse 6
CH-6006 Lucerne
Tel +41 (0)41 418 56 56
[email protected]

Hours: Grand Casino Luzern
Open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 a.m.; Friday, Saturday and before holidays until 5 a.m.
Table games Monday to Saturday from 4 p.m.; Sundays and holidays from 2 p.m.

Voluntary gambling suspensions at Grand Casino Luzern

You can also request a voluntarily gambling suspension at the Grand Casino Luzern. Simply talk to one of our on-site staff. All you need is a valid form of identification. We can also provide information about the conditions that must be met to terminate the suspension. We can also provide information about local services if you need independent third-party assistance – for example, KLICK – Fachstelle Sucht Region Luzern (addiction prevention) or Fachstelle für Schuldenfragen Luzern (debt management).