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Terms and conditions for competitions

Valid from 17 February 2022


These terms and conditions apply to participation in competitions run by Grand Casino Luzern AG, which operates mycasino.ch. These competitions take place on social media (e.g. Facebook or Instagram) and other platforms (e.g. on its own website or in the mycasino newsletter). You can enter the competition by submitting the completed online entry form, or clicking the link to the competition, and unconditionally accepting the terms and conditions set out below. The additional terms and conditions stated in the details of the respective competition also apply.

General provisions

The competition has no connection to Facebook, Instagram or other social networks and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or organised by them. Any questions, comments and complaints should not be addressed to the operators of the social media platforms, but directly to the competition organiser, Grand Casino Luzern AG. By entering the competition, participants acknowledge that they cannot make any claims against the operators of the social media platforms.

Participation in the competition is free of charge. Participants only have to pay their own costs associated with entering the competition via the internet. Participation and the chances of winning a prize are not dependent on the purchase of goods or the use of services.

Grand Casino Luzern AG reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notification, or to cancel or abandon a competition without stating a reason, if circumstances dictate. If these terms and conditions are amended during the course of the competition, the relevant participants will be notified of the changes and given the opportunity to withdraw from the competition. Grand Casino Luzern AG’s decisions are binding and final for all participants. There is no entitlement to participate in or run the competition. No compensation can be demanded from Grand Casino Luzern AG.

If the competition has to be terminated prematurely due to the culpable conduct of a participant, Grand Casino Luzern AG is entitled to demand compensation for the damage incurred from this individual.

Participants agree to their personal data being processed as part of the competition by Grand Casino Luzern AG and/or authorised partner firms in compliance with the Swiss Data Protection Act.

If individual clauses of these terms and conditions are or become invalid, the validity of the remaining clauses will remain unaffected.

There will be no correspondence regarding the competition, except with the winners. Decisions are final.

Participation in the competition and the ensuing legal relationships between participants and Grand Casino Luzern AG, including these terms and conditions, are subject exclusively to Swiss law. The city of Lucerne is the only place of jurisdiction for any disputes in connection with this legal relationship. However, Grand Casino Luzern AG is also allowed to assert its rights in the participant’s place of residence or before any other responsible authority.

Conditions of participation

Any individual residing in Switzerland aged 18 and over is eligible to participate. By entering the competition, participants confirm that all the information they provide is correct.

Participants may only enter the competition in their own name and only once. Multiple entries and participation via lottery services, syndicates or other providers will result in disqualification. Automatically generated entries and mailings will also result in immediate exclusion from the competition.

Employees of the Grand Casino Luzern Group and their immediate relatives are not eligible to participate, nor is anyone who is banned from entering competitions under the Swiss ‘Social Concept’.

Grand Casino Luzern AG reserves the right to check the accuracy of participants’ data when awarding prizes.

Grand Casino Luzern AG reserves the right to disqualify participants who manipulate or attempt to manipulate a competition or violate these terms and conditions, without stating a reason, to exclude them from the competition and to withdraw or demand the return of their prizes. This also includes interfering with, threatening or harassing employees of Grand Casino Luzern AG or other competition participants.

Determining the winners

Unless the respective competition post states otherwise, winners will be drawn at random from all eligible participants. In the case of questions regarding interpretation or any kind of dispute, Grand Casino Luzern AG’s decision-making authority shall be regarded as final.

Prizes are non-transferable, cannot be paid in cash, refunded or exchanged. Winners are responsible for accepting their prizes and any consequences thereof. Any costs, taxes or other expenses associated with winning a prize shall be borne by the winner.

Grand Casino Luzern AG reserves the right to partly or fully substitute a prize with another prize or prizes of the same or higher value.

Prize notification/delivery

Winners will be notified of their prize via a reply to their own comment. Within four days of this notification, winners must provide Grand Casino Luzern AG with a Swiss postal address for delivery of the prize. If this notification cannot be delivered or if there is no response within four days, the prize entitlement expires and Grand Casino Luzern AG will draw another winner. The same applies if it subsequently emerges after the draw that a winner was excluded from participating or exclusion conditions are or were in place.

If the prize cannot be delivered due to an incorrect postal address or non-acceptance, Grand Casino Luzern AG is entitled to award the prize to someone else and the participant forfeits their right to the prize or any compensation.


All the information provided by Grand Casino Luzern AG is subject to change.

Grand Casino Luzern AG shall not be liable for any damage incurred as a result of participating in the competition. In particular, it shall not be liable if a prize goes missing.

Grand Casino Luzern AG shall not be liable for any damage that may occur as a result of transmission errors, delays or interruptions, erroneous or deleted data, viruses, or anything else when participating in the competition.

Grand Casino Luzern AG shall not be liable for the availability of the social media platforms.

Grand Casino Luzern AG shall not be liable for any material and/or legal defects with products provided as prizes or for any consequential damage they may cause.

Grand Casino Luzern AG shall not be liable for the transport, receipt or non-receipt or for any transport damage or for the total or partial loss of products provided as prizes.

Terms and conditions for competitions