Dreaming of a jackpot

Have you ever pictured yourself winning the big jackpot? Feeling the buzz of seeing the right symbols show up on one reel after the other? Celebrating over a prize pot that will make your dreams come true?

In our Swiss online casino mycasino, you have the chance to turn this dream into reality. Exciting games, prize pools and jackpots that keep going up, ranging from a few thousand francs to CHF 100,000 and more – that’s what we have in store for you!

Jackpot-Slots with the Nordic Jackpot

Jackpot-Slots are some of the most popular slot games in our online casino. And it’s no surprise considering a single spin could pay out winnings of CHF 100,000 or more for you.

In general, there are two main categories of Jackpot-Slots:

  1. Fixed jackpots, which – as the name suggests – have a fixed prize pool, and
  2. Progressive jackpots, with a prize pool that grows every time a bet is made on that slot, and keeps growing until the pot is won.

Any idea which jackpots we offer in our online casino?

The crème de la crème of Jackpot-Slots

Visitors to our Swiss online casino can enjoy the crème de la crème of these popular casino games: we offer both fixed and progressive Jackpot-Slots!

For every franc and every centime you bet on a progressive jackpot, a specific percentage is added to the pot. This means the winnings on offer increase with every spin, until one lucky player collects the right combination of symbols on the reels and takes the jackpot.

Try your luck on our Jackpot-Slots!

Nordic Jackpot network with CHF 100,000 guaranteed

And the good news doesn’t end there! We not only offer progressive jackpots – some of these are also connected to the Nordic Jackpot network, and offer a guaranteed prize pool of at least CHF 100,000.

You benefit twice over from these network Jackpot-Slots: the prize pool grows more quickly because all the bets from all the slots in the Nordic Jackpot network count towards it, and the winnings in the pot are guaranteed to be at least CHF 100,000!

You only need a bet of CHF 0.20 to join the fun. You can find more details about how to win the jackpot and which bets are needed to spin the reels in the game rules for the Nordic Jackpot-Slots.

All shapes and sizes: Jackpot-Slots at mycasino

We offer a premium range of Jackpot-Slots. Whether you end up on an extended shopping trip with Cash & Carry, get swept away in Anatude by the rhythms of Antti Tuisku, one of Scandinavia’s most popular pop stars, or end up unearthing some luck in Trench Life – our online casino has slots to suit every kind of mood.

And most of these games also have an array of other attractive features, like wild symbols, bonus rounds and free spins. So unbeatable fun is guaranteed!

The CHF 100,000 question

When we talk about Jackpot-Slots, there’s one burning question that we like to call the CHF 100,000 question: how do you win the jackpot?

The answer is actually very simple: spin the reels!

Before you start placing bets with real money, we recommend getting familiar with the game first. You can test out our mycasino Jackpot-Slots for free using our Play Money mode.

Many of the games with progressive prize pools are also set up so the jackpot can be won with any bet. The minimum bet is different for each game, but usually begins at around CHF 0.15 to 0.2.

And of course, you need a little bit of luck! So it doesn’t hurt to get on the good side of Lady Luck. If she’s feeling generous, she might give you just what you need to win that jackpot.

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