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Slot tournaments

Bonus money


Duel & win up to CHF 2,000!

Duel & win up to CHF 2,000!

mycasino’s slot tournaments give you the chance to duel with other mycasino players. Collect as many points as you can and win up to CHF 2,000 in bonus money. And best of all, the amount you bet doesn’t matter, so everyone’s in with an equal chance.*

How it works:

  1. Choose your preferred bet: bets per round are limited to a minimum of CHF 0.01 and a maximum of CHF 500.
  2. Play your chosen number of rounds in the set games within the given time. The number of game rounds is limited to a maximum of 1,500. If the tournament, i.e. the maximum 1,500 rounds are not played to the end, then the points scored up to that point count.
  3. Wait for the tournament to end and be evaluated by mycasino. Usually this takes 1-2 business days. 🎯
  4. The top five players will qualify for the following prizes:
    1st place: bonus credit worth CHF 2,000.– 🥇
    2nd place: Bonus credit worth CHF 1,000.– 🥈
    3rd place: Bonus credit worth CHF 500.– 🥉
    4th place: Bonus credit worth CHF 500.– 🎖️
    5th place: Bonus credit worth CHF 500.– 🎖️
    Total winnings are max. CHF 4,500.–.
  5. The winners will receive their prizes in the form of bonus money via a bonus code sent to their email inbox. This is usually done within 1-2 business days after the end of the tournament.
  6. The code can be redeemed here in the bonus code box.
  7. After it is credited, bonus money needs to be played through 1 time within 30 days in order to be converted to real money.

If you don’t win anything, you get 0 points, because 0 divided by any number equals 0. So it doesn’t matter how much you bet. If you bet CHF 2 and win CHF 10, you get 5 points because 10 divided by 2 equals 5. You can also win fractions of points. With a bet of CHF 10 and winnings of CHF 5, you get 0.5 points, since 5 divided by 10 is 0.5. The betting and winning options always allow for the exact allocation of points to 2 decimal places.

Info on tournaments from game provider Paf: tournament progress is only displayed after 20 rounds.


Conditions of participation
  • Players can take part in the tournament from Tuesday, 12.00 to Thursday, 23.59 and Friday 12:00 to Sunday 23:59 on mycasino.
  • You must be logged in and have activated the offer to be in the running to win the bonus money.
  • You can register for the tournament directly within the games included in the tournament.
  • You can only take part in each tournament once.
  • You can collect as many points as possible across a total of 1,500 game rounds in one or more automated online gambling games selected by mycasino. The number of points depends on the win-bet ratio.
  • The minimum and maximum bets are always based on the minimum and maximum bets for each game. The minimum bet per round is never below CHF 0.01, while the maximum bet per round never exceeds CHF 500.
  • The winners receive their tournament prizes the following day with a bonus code sent via email from mycasino.
  • After it has been credited, you must play through bonus money that you have won 1 time within 30 days in order to convert it into real money. The bonus money is not tied to one specific game.
  • You can leave the tournament at any time. Doing this will mean that you lose any points accumulated so far in the tournament. Leaving the tournament does not affect previous bets and winnings in the game.
  • mycasino reserves the right to change or cancel the tournament feature without prior notice.
  • The mycasino bonus regulations and its General Terms and Conditions apply.

Tournament Rules

ELK Studios
  1. In the tournament you will be playing the game as normal. The ranking of each player is displayed on a leaderboard wherein the players that end up with the highest scores at the end of the tournament will win bonus money.
  2. The tournament includes all gamerounds that have been finished between Tuesday 12:00 – Thursday 23:59
  3. The bet per round is limited to a maximum of CHF 500.
  4. The minimum rounds to get qualified for the tournament is 1.
  5. This tournament has a maximum amount of 1,500 game rounds each player can play to participate. You can try to improve your score until you have reached the maximum game rounds. After reaching the maximum game rounds, your best score is locked in and you cannot improve it anymore. You can still access the leaderboard at any time during the tournament.
  6. The free spins triggered in the Free Spins feature are not counted as individual game rounds. The win achieved in the Gamble mode is counted in the game round.
  7. All players' score, position, and prize they are entitled to, will be displayed in the leaderboard.
  8. A player’s leaderboard score is calculated based on the best sum of win-to-bet ratios over 1,500 consecutive gamerounds. If there are two or more equal scores, the player who achieved the score with lowest number of gamerounds will have the higher ranking on the leaderboard. If score and number of gamerounds are the same, the player who achieved the score earliest during tournament wins.
  9. The best score achieved throughout the tournament period will count for the leaderboard ranking.
  10. The winnings from the tournament will be sent by e-mail in the form of bonus credits with a bonus code the following day from mycasino.
  11. The results of the tournament will be available until the last day of the tournament at 11:59 pm.
  12. mycasino reserves the right to change or cancel this tournament at any time.

We hope you have a great time participating in the tournament!