100% bonus up to CHF 300

+ 200 free spins in Golden Rabbit

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100% bonus up to CHF 300

+ 200 free spins in Golden Rabbit

Register now

Terms & conditions

Offer 1

  • You need to activate the offer within 7 days of registration.
  • After you have activated the offer you need to deposit at least CHF 10. The amount of your first deposit is the amount of bonus money you will get (up to a maximum of CHF 300).
  • You then need to turn over the bonus money amount 35 times within 30 days from offer activation. Read more about turnover offers.

Offer 2

  • Once you have activated Offer 1 and deposited, you will receive 200 free spins (4x50) in the Golden Rabbit slot as described below.
  • You will get your first instalment of 50 free spins straight away when you have activated offer 1 and made a deposit of at least CHF 10.
  • Your next 3 instalments of 50 free spins each are paid on the next three Fridays that follow your first 50 free spins. You will receive them by 12:00.
  • You find your free spins in the slot. They are worth CHF 0.10 each and are valid for 3 days after you have received them.
  • There are no turnover requirements for your free spins.

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Fancy a round of online poker?

Poker is among the most popular casino games. Its attraction lies in its blend of skill and luck. From the poker tables at our Grand Casino Luzern to televised international tournaments and video poker games in our online casino, it has always held a special fascination.

The origins of the game are unknown, but it is thought that the French game ‘Poque’ and its German counterpart ‘Pochen’ were the precursors to poker. The card game we know today developed in the USA – where else? – during the 19th century. Poker has experienced a significant boom in recent decades, thanks to blockbusters such as Casino Royale and the launch of the online variant for PC or smartphone.

In our Swiss online casino mycasino, we offer you the chance to test your skills on one of the best video poker machines around: Jacks or Better by Microgaming.

The difference between traditional poker and video poker

Video poker is a customised version of the traditional game of poker. Instead of playing against other players, you take on the machine. Playing against the machine has a whole range of benefits.

Fast gameplay

One of the advantages is that gameplay takes place at a much faster pace. In the traditional version, the number of players at the table and their individual playing habits can turn a game of poker into something of a test of patience. When you play video poker online, a round takes less than a minute, making this variant of poker an ideal game to fill the odd spare moment.

Perfect for newbies

The online version also offers less experienced poker players the chance to familiarise themselves with the principles and rules of the game. Most video poker machines count the poker hands in the same way as the traditional variant of the game, helping poker newbies to find their feet.

Special features

Some video poker machines offer special features. With Jacks or Better, for example, you can win with a pair of jacks. There are also video poker games that include jokers or wild cards as well as other variants.

Try your luck with a round of online video poker now!

How to play video poker in the online casino

While variants of video poker differ, the basic principles of the game usually remain the same.

You select a bet and are then dealt a set number of cards. You can now decide whether to keep certain cards or be dealt a new hand. Depending on your decision, the dealer will then deal again.

Your hand is now ranked. Ranking is automatic and based on traditional poker rules, so a Royal Flush, i.e. the sequence Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace in the same suit is the highest winning hand. Of course, other poker hands pay too, including Three of a Kind and Full House.

Strategy for video poker

An important question to ask yourself during each poker game is what are your chances of winning and how can you increase them. Unlike slot machines and slots, which are based purely on chance, in poker, you can increase your chances with the right strategy.

Video poker with high RTP

In general, most online video poker machines have a high RTP that can easily be around 99%, placing video poker among the top online casino games in terms of payout rates, along with blackjack. This provides you with a very good starting point for developing a strategy. By contrast, slots usually have an RTP of between 93% and 97%.

Video poker success – strategy makes all the difference

To make the most of the RTP, it is crucial that you know all you can about the individual hands and how they are formed. Building on this, you can then decide when to keep specific cards in order to increase your chances of a winning hand.

At mycasino, you can have a go at video poker in no-risk demo mode. This allows you to try out the game risk-free and familiarise yourself with the principles of poker before venturing on to stake real money in the online casino.

Take a punt: Gamble feature

Many video poker machines also include a Gamble feature. This offers you the chance to double your winnings. Depending on the game, the idea is to predict the correct suit or turn over a higher card than the one the machine has dealt. If you are right, you double your winnings. If you get it wrong, you usually forfeit all your winnings. The Gamble feature has its appeal, but it is important not to underestimate the risk involved.

Video poker in the Swiss online casino mycasino

In our licensed online casino mycasino, we offer you the opportunity to play video poker legally and safely. We have one of the best video poker games in our range: Microgaming’s Jacks or Better. What are you waiting for?

Join us for a round of poker at ‘mycasino – My Swiss Online Casino’!